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Help Me Please!

veryneedyone started this conversation

I have only about $10,000.00 but is has caused me so many problems. I blame no one but myself for getting into it but I would be forever grateful to anyone that can help me. Even if it is only help paying off one credit card which only has about $2000.00 left on it before its paid off. I have two credit cards that are near the limit. If or when I do get out of debt I will never touch a credit card again. Being in the situation that I am I am scared to death to use a credit card. When I do get out of debt I am going to put safeguards in place to make sure something like this never  happens again. I regret ever getting my first credit card. Before I go any further let me  tell you how I came into this situation. I first started to really acquire debt in November of 2006 and the last time I ever used credit was in May of 2007. It was mostly for little stuff here and there. Stuff I pretty much regret ever getting. It has ruined my  life I was diagnosed with clinical depression about a year ago. It tends to come and go but with my current situation it has been hard to deal with. It seems hard to deal with because my life isn't mine anymore. I try to be positive but it is getting harder and harder to do. I want to be able to go to school, get married and have a family but the way things are looking right now I don't feel it will happen. I have lost too much sleep because of my debt is all I ever think about I have not been able to eat because I feel guilty when I do. I cannot get family to help me or else I would no be asking I am desperately looking for as much help as much help as I can get. If anyone reading this can help me, I ask of you, please help. Please help me as much as you are able. I will, again, be forever grateful to anyone that can help me. I would not be asking for help if I felt I could do it myself. Please help me in anyway you can.

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Don't Use Credit Cards

I don't know if your still in your situation at this time but what might be best is to simply walk away from you debt and let the credit card companies charge off your debts. They do it all the time, we got in a tough situation seven years ago and let four accounts go into collections and then all but one were charged off. One company took us to court and we had to make payments spread over a year. But after seven years everything is now off our credit. We realize that we have a problem with credit and only have loans for our car and home. Anything else is cash, we don't even have a checking account. I hope this helps some, Good Luck to you.

Talk to Don't Use Credit Cards

You could try Harbour Credit Counseling Services.  Call 1-800-887-2389.  They might be able to help you negotiate a lower interest rate with your card companies, and start you on a payment plan, paying everything off in 5 years.  You would not be able to charge things in the meantime, and by the time they are paid off, you will have better habits.  They will do a much better job putting you on the road to real financial recovery than would someone just giving you a couple of grand.


You also need treatment for your depression, if you don't already have it.  If you don't treat your depression, you're spending habits are very unlikely to change, and you will continue to be unhappy.  There is no quick fix for this, but there is plenty of hope. 

When you are have treated your depression, and your financial habits, you will have a LOT more to give a wife.  Best to you!!



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